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Japan: Godzilla Still Relevant 60 Years Later
While a digitalized Hollywood reboot stomped its way to box office success around the world, the original Godzilla — a man in a rubber suit —hit screens in Japan again, as relevant as ever.
Koalas Show It’s Cool to Hug Trees
The cuddly koala rarely drinks water and doesn’t have any sweat glands, leaving scientists to wonder how it cools off in a heat wave.
Precision Works
Japan Self Defense Force honor guards prepare for inspection at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo in June 2014. Japan’s Cabinet approved the military’s annual defense white paper in August 2014 that expresses strong concern about China’s military buildup, citing its neighbor’s increased airspace and maritime activities. Officials, however, said that Japan’s defense budget may be insufficient to achieve the goals set by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to bolster the country’s military. In July 2014, the Cabinet approved a reinterpretation of Japan’s war-renouncing Constitution to allow the military to defend foreign countries and play a larger international role.